Once again your ACHS Class of 69 reunion committee did a great job based upon all the feedback we received and it was much appreciated! It was a ton of work, yet when all of you arrived and we saw your saw reactions we knew it was well worth it. We have always strived to make it the best, memorable reunion and have always invited other classes to join us. Our 50th was no exception as the ACHS Class of 68 joined our reunion and they had an awesome time. A big thanks to our reunion committee of Joe Rice, Heidi Leahy Leahy Oryes, Mel McCartney Fithian, and Sharon Knierim Graham. At our Friday and Saturday event, we had three lovely ladies from the class of 1970, 71, and 72 who check all of you in at Yoldanda's and Las Posas Country Club, Susan Mastro, Sharon McHenry, and Jo Ann Marco. We really appreciated all of your help over two days! A huge special thanks to my great friend, Robert Ordas, class of 1970 who captured all of our memorable moments with his camera at each and every event!!


Dear Classmates,

We had a great time together for our 50th reunion. I wish more of you could have been there to celebrate with us. We were so blessed to be able to celebrate with many of out friends from the class of 1968, who were unable to have a reunion of their own the year before. Our weekend was filled with fun and many conversations. We were all able to renew so many friendships! As I get older, these relationships are becoming more and more precious to me. I hope they are to you too.

Our class leadership team will continue to keep you connected with each other, so that your lives will be filled with joy and mutual comfort.

Blessings, Joe

DAY 1 Friday, September 20th: As always we have an informal 1st day. We met at Yolanda's Mexican Cafe from 11am to 3pm for lunch with 132 classmates in attendance. Unfortunately, many of the teachers which we had join us in the past could no longer make it yet wanted to wish all of us a great time. I was fortunate enough to have my good friend and former wrestling & football coach, Art Pena. join us, We had many other classmates from other classes come down and say hello who don't normally attend our other events. In the past we had attended the ACHS homecoming game Friday night. This year didn't work out for us as they were transforming the football field to a high Astro turf, new scoreboard, and much more. Here is the link for our Once you click on the link then click on the first picture to enlarge it and then you can scroll through each picture with you help you read their name badges.

50th Reunion at Yolanda's Mexican Cafe Photos

John Spohn, Melissa Etchechcoury, and Art Pena former ACHS wrestling & football coach, class of 59 @ Yolanda's.

Mel McCartney showing us the way to Yolandas.

Thanks to Linda Nipstad and Deborah Kloppenberg from the class of 68 for joining us!

DAY 2 Friday, September 21st: We started our day at Marie Callenders Restaurant for a no-host breakfast with 52 classmates from 8:30 - 9:45. We then departed heading to Camarillo High School for our school tour at 10am. This is always one of our classmates' favorite activities with 54 classmates in attendance! In the years past including this reunion Jeff Hahn, class of 76 was gracious enough to give us the tour which lasted 1.5 hours. Jeff never disappoints when it comes to our tour and history of the school as he always does an amazing job! We always meet in front of the office before our tour and then proceed into the ACHS office. Jeff talks about the wooden bench where some of us would sit and wait to see Bert Killingsworh due to some trouble we may have been in. Bert is long gone yet the bench is still there. Jeff will ask our large group any stories which we had. Well once someone tells a story about a funny or not so funny time than everyone else chimes in which makes for a very funny tour! Here are the 50th reunion pictures from our second day of fun!



ACHS beautiful 4 million dollar pool. This was built where the upper lawn was. The 8,556-square-foot competition pool has a 13-lane timing system and scoreboard, underwater LED lighting, two 1-meter diving boards, 10,000 square feet of deck space and a 3,800-square-foot bathhouse

Jeff Hahn class of 76 giving one of his famous ACHS tours to 54 former ACHS classmates! Jeff is also a substitute teacher at ACHS.

ACHS Football field with$4.6 million in upgrades— including long-awaited artificial field turf , new visitor bleachers, scoreboard, lights, press box and more!

DAY 2 Friday Afternoon, September 21st: Trudy Love once again arranged a get together for our beloved "The Today Generation" at a Camarillo Park. You might recall in 1969 they took first place at Knotts Berry Farm when competing against 200 other high schools and colleges singing groups! Also in attendance at the picnic but not shown in this photo were Patty Krolczyk, Kurt Kohler (class of 71), Gordon Goodman (class of 71), Carole Fogarty (now Carolyn Stonecloud, class of 70). Old friends and fellow singers and entertainers from the ACHS music department, under the direction of Scott Henderson, enjoyed catching up at the Today Generation/Choraliers reunion picnic on Saturday! Here are some pictures from that afternoon.

The Today Generation Photos

Trudy Love who always arranges some great get together s for The Today Generation.

The Today Generation 1969 at the Camarillo House.

The Today Generation 2020. L-R John Stanewich, Carolyn Farrington, Dorothy Whitaker (class of 70), Sally Spiro (not a music student, she just came to the picnic), Beverly Lippert (class of 68), Trudy Love, Linda Graves (class of 70), Dan Tullis, Jane Graves, and John Lassen.

DAY 2 Saturday, September 22nd: Our main event was held at the newly remodeled Las Posas Country Club. on Saturday night from 6pm - 11pm. If memory serves me right we had just over 160 classmates which was a full house and an awesome turnout! The lady who from Las Posas Country Club who organized all of this for us said this was the largest reunion that they have hosted. Thanks to all of you for making this such a memorable night! We started at 6pm welcoming our classmates, checking in, and getting their pictures taken by Bob Ordas. From 6 - 7 we had drinks in the bar along with Hors d'oeuvres and some great music from the 60's.

The people at Las Posas Country Club did a tremendous job for our reunion, from the tables, decorations, service, PA system, and some great food! We had a very nice nostalgia table set up with brought back many memories for those in attendance.

Las Posas Country Club Pictures

The tables were set with some school colors and the place looked amazing! To the right of the tables was our long memorabilia table which brought back a lot of memories.

These beautiful ladies were a huge help checking all of you in at Yolanda's and Las Posas Country Club! L- R Jo Ann Marco 1972, Susan Mastro, 1970, and Sharon McHenry 1970.

Some of the class of 68. L - R Colleen Tierney, Sidney Grimes, Stephanie Griffin, Scott Anderson, Colleen Forcey, Donnie Melville, Mike Pena, and Rod Stiling, Class President.

DAY 3 Sunday, September 23nd: Aloha Steakhouse no-host brunch 11am - 1pm. We found out early on years ago that we needed a 3-day reunion and it's has been a hit! Sunday was always set up as lunch on the beach in Ventura. So many of our classmates miss the beach and this makes for a nice last day to say our final goodbyes. We had about 40 classmates join us at the restaurant for food, friendship, laughter, and goodbyes. This restaurant is off of California Street or as our surfer classmates, Harry Timmins and Sean Webb would call it C Street. It sits on Ventura beach with a very nice boardwalk and the pier is just a short walk from the restaurant. If you ever come back to Ventura County this is a very nice restaurant on the beach.

Aloha Steakhouse Pictures

Debbie & Joe Rice at Aloha Steakhouse in Ventura

Bob Ordas, long-time friend and class of 1970. We owe so much to Bob! Bob has given his time to take all our reunion pictures over the years!!

Lance & Gina Luck with Mary & Bob Eckman. Lance only went through 8th grade with us. He still tells me to this day that Camarillo is his home and he has awesome memories of our class!