Cool Pops, Scooter Pies, Moon Pies, Cracker Jacks, Funny Face Drinks: Kool Aid- Goofy Grape, Jolly Olly Orange, Rootin 'Tootin Raspberry, Lemon Lime.

The saying.....Kool Aid Kool Aid tastes great....wish I had some.....can't wait

Vernor’s Ginger Ale, Bubble Up, Nesbitt's, Orange Crush, Nehi, Freska, Canda Dry Ginger Ale, Tab, Royal Crown and they were all in bottles.  My favorite was stopping at A&W after High School and having their delicious Root Beer Floats.
Remember these A&W Root Beer Cards

                  Helm's Bakery Trucks                 e

The yellow Helm's Bakery trucks that came around Ventura County neighborhoods, the tooting of the Helm's whistle, the smell of those heavenly baked goods and the sight of those long long long wooden drawers which were filled with fresh jelly donuts, chocolate donuts,cookies, fresh breads, etc will forever be a HUGE part of our childhood memories.
                             Those drawers were a MILE long                             e

    Teen Magazines Of The 60'S     

16 set the standard for all teen fan mags for more than 35 years, it has been the pinnacle of "teeny bopper" publications.16 was started in 1958 by the late George Winters, becoming such a hit that many imitators were spawned (Flip, Tiger Beat, Teen, Circus, Creem, and Teen Beat, among others)

Do you remember?
Bringing a mat to kindergarten for nap time

The games we played: Kickball and Dodge Ball, Four Square, Tetherball playing jump rope with songs and playing noontime softball at Pleasant Valley School..

School lunches were 25 cents. Milk was 4 cents at Pleasant Valley School. We had hall safety monitors who wore badges on their arms.  Their job was to keep peace in the halls.

Girls wearing shorts beneath their dresses so the boys couldn't see their underwear when they were climbing on the monkey bars at Pleasant Valley School.

Everyone wanted to get the mimeographed copies just so we could smell the mimeographed paper and the ink was purple..

Being a Brownie and then graduating to a Girl Scout troop or being a Cub Scout and then graduating to a Boy Scout....Scouts

Spin the Bottle

Air raid drills during school...and ducking under your desk.

Remember when girls or boys had "cooties"?Did Kathy Buckheim really have cooties?

Your first "crush".    

Noontime movies The Fly, Bye Bye Birdie, in the High School Gym,

Friday Nights in the gym having fun playing basketball, volleyball, gymnastics etc was call "Sports Night"

Having our H.S. dances in the cafeteria

oys in the class that flipped their eyelids inside out!...I was guilty of that one!

How about "Arm Pit Farts"? Boys could always do them better! Same w/ burping!

Listening to KACY radio station on our AM radios.

The Fuller Brush Man coming to your home.  It was Perry Wadler's Father.

Ranchero Days.  These were held in the early 60's by Thrifty's in the Ponderosa Shopping Center on Arneill Road.  There were many activities but the best were the carnival games and the rides.  Do you remember the Hammer and the Tilt-A-Whirl.  The location changed a few years later to the corner of Las Posas and Arneill Road in the Food At Discount (FAD) parking lot.


We all remember going to the drive in with our girlfriends / boyfriends.  Did we ever really watch the movies? Do you remember the 'white coats". They were the employees who wore white coats and shined their flashlights into your fogged up car at the wrong time when things were just heating up with your girlfriend.   Which one of our classmates worked there as a white coat.....Perry Wadler & Robert Alaimo. I remember driving in with a trunk full of my was a guy thing so we didn't have to pay the big bucks. 

The Drive-In's usually showed a double feature with an intermission where we could go and load up on popcorn, soda, pizza and candy.
Some of us went to the Simi Valley Drive-in, Skyview Drive-in in Oxnard or the Thousand Oaks Drive-In which closed around 1980 where a Kohl's now resides.
Ventura 101 Drive-In Timeline:.
Operated by:101 Theatres Corporation; Pacific Theatres.
Vehicle Capacity:800
 Year built:Late 40's
1969 - added 3rd screen
1998 - closed
2001 - torn down in August


e            Cruising A Street             e

What a great time is was cruising A street in Oxnard.  Kids lined the streets checking out all the great hot cars....not to mention all the hot guys and girls. We would cruise our cars driving North on A street and turn around at Wyn's hamburger stand where many of us ate dinner. Some of us would leave later to race the cars from all over the county on Las Posas Road, Edison & Laguna Rd


I remember Little Oscar coming to Von's