45th Year Reunion

Our 45th reunion started about a year out.  I was at a summer party at Jim Pierce's home. Brenda Banuelos Christianson, our classmate, came over and talked to me.  She asked where we were having our 45th reunion.  I said we hadn't decided yet and she then offered to have it at her large home. We began our planning to have it at Mike and Brenda's home. A few weeks out from our big 45th reunion we realized logistically it was going to become too overwhelming for our committe. We decided to have it at one of the best places in Camarillo, The Waypoint Cafe. 

Your Reunion committee consisted of Heidi Leahy, Sharon Kneirim, Diana Andonian, Mel McCartney, Joe Rice, John Spohn and our adopted classmate from the class of 1970, Robert Ordas.  I don't think any of our classmates realize how much time, meetings, planning and personal sacrifices goes into making this event happen.  A big thanks to Robert Ordas for taking 3 days off to photograph all of our events. We are always open to new committee members joining us. It won't be long before our 50th reunion. 

We had some problems with Name Badges.  The names on the website pictures are correct. Thanks to all of our classmates who came and spent time with us.

Day one started like our past reunions at El Tecolote.  We had several other graduation classes join us for the kickoff of our 45th reunion.  Can you believe it has been 45 YEARS already.  Times change yet friendships last forever and this was very evident when our classmates saw one another for the first time.

Here is a very nice video that Bob Ordas, 1970 and Keith Baker, 1971 put together for our class.  It's a culmination of our 3 days of renewed friendship!

ACHS 45th Reunion 2014