Los Altos Jr. High School

This is where we continued our Elementary School relationships while we formed many new ones as all our grade schools came together. We now had a homeroom where we reported to.  We had many of our classmates mother's helping out at noon.  I remember Mrs. Dodson and Mrs. Mater helping out at our lunch time. We got our first lockers which made us feel so grown up.

We started going to school dances at the Pleasant Valley School auditorium. Some of our classmates had garage / make-out parties which were fun to attend. Just a few to mention were held at the following classmates homes, Sean Webb, Priscilla Orienthia, Sue Meredith and John Spohn to name a few.  Many of us formed our first crushes, started dating and had our first relationship with the opposite sex not to mention we were now cool.  This is where we first learned about "Saint Christophers" as we asked our girlfriend to go steady and they were given our Saint Christopher.  I can remember buying my Saint Christophers at Ray Liddle Jewelers. 

I have the original Los Altos sweatshirt which you could buy back in the mid 60's. Go Trojans!

WOW...Look what Candy Cole found and mailed to me.  This was my "Garage Party" at the start of the 8th grade...Thanks Candy!

I will never forget when I was in Mr. Ventura's class when the announcement came over the intercom. It was announced that President John F. Kennedy had been shot while in Texas on November 22nd 1963.  Our class was in shock and I remember our class discussing what had happened.  I recall less than a year before this terrible event that my mother took my brother Rick and I out of class to see John F. Kennedy as he had flown into Point Mugu.  We all lined up behind the road barricades as he made his way down the line of people.  I climbed up on the barricade and will never forget when I shook President John F. Kennedy's hand.  A memory which I will never forget.


Walter Cronkite announces death of JFK

7th Grade 1963-1964
Pictured from left to Right
Row 1:  ?, Mark Reeves, ?, Bonnie Cundiff, Prisciall Orientia, Yvonne Trainor, Sarah Estrada
Row 2:  Debbie Mercer, Deborah Voight, Steve Worton,?, ? ?, Jerry Deremus
 Row 3:  Kathy Simmons, Pamela Glenn, Debbie Smith, ?, Karen Powers, Virginia Barber,  Patty Averill
Row 4:  ?, Jim Muro, Patsy Krolcyck?, ?, Ronnie Roberts, Gary Widman, Perry Wadler
Row 5:  Karen Brotherton, ?, Mike Simmons, ?
Row 6:  Rex Pray, Mr. Lucas, Bunny Hendricks

7th Grade 1963-1964

Pictured from left to Right
Row 1: Janet Leach, Ray Garcia, Joan Peterson, Randy Wiles, Nancy Thompson, Roger Morris
Row 2: Becky Rosser, Robert Harris, Marcia Belmont, Jan Gill, Mallory Porter, Ricky Lund
Row 3: Blanche Velasquez, Mike Nettleton, Marlene Bond, Melinda Grant, John Spohn, Mickey Stott
Row 4: Karen McKenzie, ?, Barbie Chapin, Trudy love, Jesse Adams, David Tobias
Row 5: Gloria Whatley, Steve Pena, Linda Belding, Peggy Horn, Rick Geisler, ?
Row 6: Ken Gerry, Marilyn Heathcote, Mrs. knuckols, Steve Stepanik

7th Grade 1963-1964
Pictured from left to Right
Row 1: Gary Arnold, Nora Monk, Ralph Cranston, Linda Orr, Art McGlamary, ?, Steve Steffy
Lillie Flynn: Ellen Adams,  Robert Culbreth, Dave Dodson, LeeAnn Clayton, Mark Fazio, John Huston
Row 3: ?,
Stan Buzzelle, Janet Meadows, Christine Myer, Debbie Wilkins, Darcy Arehart, John Hughan
Row 4:
Shirley Pitts, Mindy Clark, Alan Hamper, Bill Semonian, Victoria Vonbergmann, Pam Robinette, Don Turner
Row 5: Bethany Masek
, Charity Matthews  Perry Wadler, Caroline Harrington
Row 6:
Bob Arnold, Cheryl Dalby, Mrs. Harriman, Sally Maulhardt

7th Grade 1963-1964
Pictured from left to Right
Row 1: Perry Wadler, Eric Crosby, Patsy Krolcyzk, Patty Sherman, ?, ?, ?
Sean Webb, Kathy Tucker,  ?, Randy Elliott, ?, ?,  Mary McFadden
Row 3: Linda Hale,
Sue Meredith, Joe Owen, Linda Kehm, Kathy Ryan, Robert Harris, ?
Row 4:
Ralph Philbrick, Gary ?, Chris Rank, ?, Joan Ford, Gloria Whatley, ?
Row 5: Ruth Lopez, ?, Jackie Keel, ? 
Row 6:
Keith Mays, Mr. Naylor, ?

7th Grade 1963-1964
Pictured from left to Right
Row 1: David Morris, Georgia Stubbs, John Miller, Pam Teuber, John Stanwich,?, ?
Row 2: ?, Pam Irish, Art Campos, Ruth Campos, Lupe Jaquez,  Rex Pray, Barbara Mayes, Linda Belding.
Row 3: Melissa Etchechoury, Yvonne Clark, Eliab Mendoza, Luanne Titsworth, Dick Collins, Danny Wade, Marleen Bond
Row 4: ?, Dave Rowe, Ruth Medina, Mary Douglass, ?, Chris Rapp, Patsy Kleuting
Row 5: Randy Romaine, Cliff Sharon, Chris Kelsey, Mark Bofenkamp, ?, Lucia Domino
Row 6: Jan Crittenden, Steve Bergstrom

We all had a Student ID Card.  Do you remember our ID cards?

8th Grade 1964-1965
Pictured from left to Right
Row 1: Mitchell Kerr, Karen Brotherton, Shannon Suggs, Joan Ford, Bob Hyde, Pat Burry, Dean Griffen, Luanne Titsworth
Row 2: Steve Pena, Connie Cundiff, Paul Springs, Melinda Grant, Robert Giffen, Susan Meredith, Fred Bartel, Christine Grabowski
Row 3: Andy Barker, Sarah Estrada, Bill Jewel, Candy Cole, David Morris, Yvonne Trainor, John Spohn, Valerie Ravelo
Row 4: Lance Luck, Paula Hays, Chris Smith, Ann Cesero,  Paul Githens, Teresa Ziach, Rickey Clemans, Lynette Thommerasen
Row 5:
Mr. Broadhead, Debby Royal, Donna Nickerson, Lucia Domino, Sandi Lee

8th Grade 1964-1965
Pictured from left to Right
Row 1: Robert Holmes, Patty Sherman, Patricia Krolcyzk, Melrie McCartney, Peggy Horn, Christine Myers, Susan Pate, Dick Collins
Row 2:
Steven Stepanek, Marlene Bond, Greg Kincaid, Terry Malone, James Beasley, Debra Taylor, Deborah Mater, John Wetter
Row 3: Mary Douglas, Randy Romaine, Barbie Chapin, David Rowe, Karen Palos, Chuck Cordes, Ricky Lund, Debbie Wilkins
Row 4: ?, Dave Dodson,
Cheryl Brittain Eric Johansen, Kathy Teasdale, Joe Rice, Phyllis Spiegleberg, Tim Hueber
Row 5: Mrs. King, Marilyn Brown, John Huston

8th Grade 1964-1965

Pictured from left to Right
Row 1: Jesse Adams, Stan Buzzell, Mary McFadden, Sean Webb, Janice Roy, Skip True, Jan Gill
Row 2: Randy Wayatt, Susan Maynard, Arthur McGlamery, Karen Powers, Pam Morgan,  Rick Giesler, Randy Wiles
Row 3: Jay Keller, Anita Read, Gary Sutcliff, Charity Mathews, Pam Irish, Ralph Cranston, Willie May Cabrera
Row 4: John Stanewich, Shelly Meredith, Eric Crosby, Mark Payne, Steve Hamlin, Pam Glenn, Steve Bergstrom
Row 5: Mrs, Del Corral, Jim McEwen, Gary Arnold, Carol Rhodes

8th Grade 1964-1965
Pictured from left to Right
Row 1: Shirley Pitts, Heidi ?, Clay Hulett, Lynda Belding, Ken Ruggles, Deborah Runacres, John Miller
Row 2: Ruth Median, Jackie Keel, Theanna (Joyce) McKinney, Barbara Mayes, Karen Smith, John Brendon, Sharon Caldwell
Row 3: Neil Burt, Sarah Morales, Bob Eckman, Patty Averill, Jeff Cotrell,  Janet Meadows, Bob Gamble
Row 4: John Hughan, Frankie ?, Barbara Kerby, Dawn Marshall, Rob Eastman, Malissa Lawhead
Row 5: Mrs. Harriman, Lupe Jaquez

8th Grade 1964-1965
Pictured from left to Right
Row 1: Victoria Von Bergmann? Becky Rosser, Debra Voight, Dorothy Shanks, Robert Arnold, Doug ?, Dan Pendery
Row 2: Melissa Etchechoury ?, Bruce Fuller, Virginia Barber, Larry Speakman, ?, ?, Jane Graves
Row 3: ?, Lillie Flynn, Chris Rank , ?, ?
Row 4: Mr. Fishell, Ray Garcia, Keith Busby, Jan Crittenden, Mark Fazio, Steve Lara

This picture was taken on Mrs. Harriman's field trip to the beach.

The Constitution
One of the assignments we had was to write about the Constitution and pass a Constitution test.  Thanks to Bob Eckman for reminding about this and supplying his Constitution
of the United States.  Here is what Bob wrote to me. "8th grade project...Mrs. Harriman had us do a US History/Constitution notebook that semester, including news clips, etc. and covering all branches of government, etc...anyway it was about a 100 pages.  I recently found that I still had it (saved it to show my kids what real homework is).  So, that's a picture of the notebook cover (I was never good at art).

Spelling Bee

Rotary Track Meet

Many of us participated in the annual Rotary Track Meet while attending Los Altos.  The track meets were held at our future home Camarillo High School.Thanks to Jan Gill for providing these great memories. Pictures left to right are.

Jan Gill, Patty Averill, ?, Marilyn Brown, Priscilla Orienthia, Joan Ford, Jill McEwen & Lance Luck.  The man on the far left is our future Camarillo High School Spanish Teacher Mr. Stevenson

Mike Pierce # 8 and Jan Gill seated in the middle.

This was for the Boy's High Jump at the Rotary Track Meet.  Top to bottom, Bob Taylor, Sean Webb, Kevin Barry, John Spohn & Greg Kincaid

Top to Bottom: Marilyn Brown, Jan Gill, Katie McLaren, Jill McEwen and Patty Averill

Our two years of Jr. High School has come to an end.  We developed many friendships along the way not to mention what we learned at Los Altos.  Los Altos was a big stepping stone from grade school which helped prepare us for our upcoming High School years. I would like to thank Shirley Pitts for our Commencement Program and much much more!  When I received this program I first had to check and make sure my name was listed and it was!

1961- 2007

Many of us met at El Tecolote for dinner and told many stories when we went to Los Altos.  After dinner we all went to Los Altos for the final farewell. We were very surprised at how many people turned out.  The hallways were full and many were visiting their old classrooms which were open.  There were many of our classmates along with people who were the first ones at Los Altos all the way up to present.  It sure brought back many great memories of when we went to school at Los Altos. Joe Rice provided some old memorabelia for the final night.  I have put all the closing ceremony information which we picked up on the final open house.

A smiling farewell for Los Altos

Camarillo school will celebrate its 45th and final anniversary

By Cheri Carlson

Ventura County Star

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The school is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year and its last.

Mark Asher graduated from Los Altos Middle School and it became his first and only assignment after he earned his teaching credential seven years ago.

When Mark Asher started teaching at Los Altos Middle School in Camarillo seven years ago, it seemed a bit like fate.

He had finished his teaching credential program at San Diego State University in the middle of the school year. At the same time, school officials were trying to fill a midyear opening at Los Altos, from which Asher had graduated a decade earlier.

"I was at the right place at the right time," he said.

Now, the world history teacher plans to end this year at Los Altos the last one for his old neighborhood school. Citing declining enrollment, trustees of the Pleasant Valley School District have decided to close the campus at the end of the school year.

But not before all past and present Los Altos Trojans celebrate the school's 45th anniversary Wednesday with memorabilia, a band performance and classroom presentations. Old uniforms, newspaper articles, photos and yearbooks will be on display from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the school, 700 Temple Ave.

"We've worked very hard this year to have it be a positive year for all of us," Principal Sue Eastman said. It could have been a year of hand-wringing or sour grapes, she said, but that didn't happen.

Instead, everyone approached the year saying, "Why not." New clubs were created, and teachers took students on more field trips than ever.

"We've had a good year," said Eastman, who plans to retire this summer. She expects most Los Altos teachers and staff to be working at other schools in the district come fall.

Los Altos, which had nearly 800 students in 2002-03, has about 350 seventh- and eighth-graders this year.

Administrators had considered closing Los Altos last year. After hearing from concerned parents, officials chose to keep it open and reconsider the issue later.

In May 2006, the board decided to reassign incoming sixth-graders to other middle schools after only 70 of them registered at Los Altos. Then, in March, trustees decided to close the campus after this school year.

Asher said he remembers a more crowded campus when he was a student there. The small school environment sometimes can limit the variety of courses and extracurricular activities offered, but it also can be a benefit. Everybody knows everybody, said some eighth-graders working on assignments in the library last week.

Isaac Alfaro, 14, said the principal knows all the students, including their names and parents' names.

"It's like we're all friends here," said Mabel Contreras, 15.