36 Year Reunion

We wanted to have a 35th Reunion but for whatever reason it didn't happen.  We then tried to have a multi-year reunion with the class of 68 + 70.  They both had different ideas of what classes should attend so it didn't happen. When it was all said and done we ended up with a 36th Reunion.  It was put together pretty quickly by Joe Rice, Mel McCartney, John Spohn and a couple of others.

Joe came up with the great idea of 3 days. In our constant discussions we all agreed that one night / 6 hours was not enough time to see our friends again. The first day was at El Tecolote from noon until 6pm.  We left El Tecolote and headed for the Homecoming football game at old Cam High.  The stadium was packed and overflowing for the big game. Bruce Fuller once again reverted to his old Scorpy Mascot and led the stadium in cheering without his old uniform.  Our class was recognized by the announcer and it ended with a great fireworks show. We then headed over to a local bar and grill where we closed out the night.

On Saturday, Joe & Debbie Rice opened up their Somis home to our classmates.  The setting was great in their backyard around their pool.  P.J. Pallerino from the class of 68 put on a great BBQ for us with plenty of great tri-tip with all the trimmings.  We had beer, wine and soda for everyone.  We all got reacquainted once again throughout the afternoon and into the early evening.  We were treated to some great guitar & singing from Mark Bofenkamp. Joe Rice and Dan Tullis joined in on the singing with Mark which many of us enjoyed. We then went down to Cousin's Wine Bar in Camarillo where John Stanewich was performing with his sister.  John has a big following around Ventura County as he has an awesome show.  He does Sinatra, 60's , 70's & 80's hits.  Once we arrived and got settled in Dan Tullis joined John on a great Temptations song.  These guys rocked the house and Dan still has his big deep booming voice. Next thing you know Joe Rice is up there with them singing some songs while we all danced.  What was interesting is 2 girls in their mid thirties came up to me and said what an AWESOME class we had.  They had been to their reunions and said they never had as much fun as we were having.  What a nice compliment and a testimonial to how close we are after all these years.

Sunday was our final day at the Pierpont Inn in Ventura overlooking the ocean for a great brunch.  Sally Spiro found a piano in another room which wasn't being used.  The manager said we could play the piano and then the singing began.  I didn't know Sally played so well and the next thing you know, Mark Fazio, Diana Andonian, Dan Tullis, Joe Rice & John Stanewich were singing some great tunes.  Once again the day ended as we said our goodbyes until the next reunion.