1958 Camarillo Phone Book

I would like to thank Linda Kehm (Holk) for providing us a copy of the Camarillo Telelphone Directory from 1958.  Notice that most people either lived in old town Camarillo or in the Heights.  It was interesting as I gave a copy of this book to Bob Kildee of Bob Kildee's Mens Shop and he still has the same phone number to this day. It was interesting as you might note on Page 1 it talks about the "Party Line". Do you remember picking up the phone and hearing your neighbors having a conversation?

The Camarillo switching center (prefix HUnter 2 and later added HUnter 4) was 5 years old. The Oxnard switching center had the prefix's HUnter 3, 6, & 7. This special December 21, 1958 phone book references the Camarillo GTCA phone customers being converted from the Oxnard HU 7 prefix to the new Camarillo HU 2 prefix during the night of Dec 20-21, 1958. Of course, we had 5-digit dialing, so HU (48) was not dialed.