KACY 1520 Boss of The Beach Radio

We all listened to KACY 1520 radio station when we were growing up in Camarillo.  I still remember listening to KACY in 1960 when we first moved to Camarillo.  I had my transistor radio which I used to listen to KACY.  KACY radio station was located in a lemon orchard just off of Pleasant Valley Road heading into Oxnard.  It's still there but it's a Spanish speaking station.  Judd Sturtevant was the owner of KACY and lived on a peach ranch in Hughson, a small farm town 10 miles Southeast of Modesto. At the time Judd and his partners owned stations in Modesto, Klamath Falls, Hawaii, Sacramento, and San Francisco

During the 1960s and 70s, the station was known by the call letters KACY. It was a top-40 format station that used the slogan "Boss of the Beach." It was the dominant Top-40 station in the region, often co-sponsoring concerts (most in Santa Barbara) with local promoter Jim Salzer. Several KACY disc jockeys went on to greater prominence in their subsequent careers, including TV host Bob Eubanks and radio programmer Bill Tanner. Shotgun Tom Kelly was also heard on KACY in the early 70s, before moving to major markets like San Diego (appearing on KGB, KCBQ) and Los Angeles (where he is currently heard on KRTH).
During its KACY era, the station increased daytime power to 50,000 watts

A week after this page went live I was contacted by a former DJ from KACY.  His friend had found our website and passed it along.  His name is Patrick Moore.  Patrick had some great memorabilia which he offered to share with us.  He took the time to scan and email me what you will see below.  I have also added his personal comments to many of the pictures and his personal experiences while a DJ at KACY radio station.

Hello John,  I replaced Bob Eubanks on the morning slot at KACY after he went to KRLA in 1960, and Dick Moreland followed him there shortly after that.  I'm still in touch from time to time with Bill Keffury who now lives in Las Vegas, but Dick Moreland died of cancer in the '90s, and Jim Steck, someone told me, went to prison for drug possession or sales.  He was working at KRLA at the time, I believe. I worked for a short time at KVEN - about 5 months - in 1963 or 64 just before I was hired at KRLA.

Summer, 1960, Wink Martindale TV show at Pacific Ocean Park, Santa Monica, at far right, Bill Keffury, Dick Moreland, Pat Moore judging dance contest (Many of the kids shown here are from Ventura County.)

Summer, 1960, Wink Martindale TV show at Pacific Ocean Park, Santa Monica, l-r; Bill Keffury, Dick Moreland, "local Hollywood Color", Jim Steck, Pat Moore.
The man dancing is Dave Riswk.

Summer, 1960, Bard School record hop, l-r, KACY DJs Bill Keffury & Pat Moore, Zeak Strong, DJ Dick Moreland.

Summer, 1960, Bard School record hop, l-r is KACY DJs Bill Keffury and Pat Moore, The Three Tunes, Zeak Strong (w/h sax), DJ Dick Moreland, singer Larry Tamblin, (the last person in that pic I don't know.)


KACY 1960 TOP 40

Here is a great KACY item which I got from Jim Salzer

May 7, 1965

Additional informaton from Patrick Moore. Seeing the picture of Don Davis you have there in the May 7, 1965 T-40 sheet reminds me that Don used to listen to us in the early '60s when he was in the Air Force stationed there at the base in Camarillo.  He was a guard dog handler and would listen to KACY for hours while walking with his K9 around the base.  Don worked as a DJ at the station after he got out of the service, then moved into the sales department, then up to sales manager and finally became the station manager.  I have no idea what became of Don once the station was sold.

John Peters was a good friend as well, we worked together at KACY and later in Sacramento at KNDE during the 1970s.  He did a terrific imitation of Wolfman Jack.  Wish I could make contact with him again, as well.

Dick Haskey was a crack broadcast engineer who made a great carrier for himself working for several Ventura and Santa Barbara county stations as a Chief Engineer.  I remember that he was a technical genious who wrote for broadcast engineering journals and invented many technical gagets and methods adopted by many stations across the country.  He could have moved on to much greener pastures from a monetary standpoint, but preferred to remain in the area because of a skin irritation he had that was exacerbated by extreme temperatures, and the central coast was the perfect location for him for that reason.

July 30, 1965

August 6, 1965

August 27, 1965

September 10, 1965

September 17, 1965

October 22, 1965

October 29, 1965

November 5, 1965

November 19, 1965

December 10, 1965

December 24, 1965

December 31, 1965

January 7, 1966

I received these following commnets and Playlist from Lee Richards who used to work at KACY.  "This is a playlist for the things we played beyond the survey.  It was sent to record company promotion people.  Notice it says Beatle album.  We played the whole album.  That’s how hot they were. I played the first Beatle record in the summer of 63 on KACY, but no one cared.  They broke wide open in January 64 with I Want To Hold Your Hand.  I wish I had an aircheck from those days.  I was there from 1962 to 1967 and I returned in 1974-75.  I worked at KBBQ (was KUDU) from 1969 to 1973."

January 28, 1966

March 11, 1966

March 25, 1966

April 15, 1966

April 22, 1966

April 29, 1966


Do you remember the KACY Radio "Kissing Card"

May 6th, 1966

May 13th, 1966

May 27, 1966

June 3, 1966

June 17, 1966

July 15, 1966

July 29, 1966

September 2, 1966

November 4, 1966

November 11,1966

November 25, 1966

February 24,1967

February 24,1967

April 7,1967

May 5, 1967

May 12,1967

May 26,1967

June 2,1967

June 9,1967

July 21, 1967

August 11, 1967

August 18, 1967

September 15, 1967

They called him Bobby (Shotgun) McAllister on KACY in 1969. Later he became known as "Shotgun Tom" Kelly.  Shotgun Tom Kelly is now a DJ on K-EARTH 101 in Los Angeles.

March 15, 1971

April 5, 1971

June 14,/1971

The station's DJ roster read almost like an all-star list, with the likes of such talent as Charlie Tuna, Johnny Williams, Machine Gun Kelly, Billy Pearl, Bobby Tripp, Mark Elliott, Bill Wade, Robert W. Morgan, Bobby Ocean, Humble Harve, Jerry Butler and Sam Riddle. (In the sixties, Riddle also hosted a TV show called Groovy Game on Channel 9.) The Real Don Steele, already experienced on several stations around the country, became a legend on KHJ, and his fast-paced, quick-witted style was the inspiration for jocks of many years to come.

December 14,1966