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Camarillo Scorpion Trivia
Camarillo High School's mascot is the "Scorpion." It was because of the F-89 Scorpion Jet that was based at Oxnard Air Force Base. The Air Force named it Oxnard AFB because it was the only incorporated city at that time. Here is a video of the F-89 Scorpion.

Welcome 1969 Scorpions

Welcome to Camarillo High School class of 1969 website, home of the Scorpions. We wanted to make this space for our classmates to come together, reminisce and communicate.  I would appreciate any ideas, comments, and feedback to John Spohn at spohnj@aol.com. If you should have any old pictures or memorabilia which you could scan and send it would be greatly appreciated. This will help make our website an awesome place to connect while taking a walk down memory lane.  This site will continue to evolve so please check back on a regular basis

I have a spreadsheet with much of our classmate's contact information.  If you would like to contact one of our classmates please send me your contact info and I will ask them if it's OK to send out your email address. 

I do appreciate everyone giving me their most current contact info so we can keep you apprised of any happenings in our class and Camarillo.
Just click on my email address to contact me.              spohnj@aol.com

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               1960's Slang                     
BA  Bare Ass
Bad  Awesome
Badass  A tough guy. A guy you really don't want to mess with.
Bag  To Steal. Example: Who bagged my towel?
Bitchin  Good, Exciting, Awesome.
Bite Me  So what / I don't care.
Blast  A Great Time. Example: "We had a blast at the Prom".
Blew the doors off  Easily beat the other car in a race.
Bogart  To "hog" something.
Bone Yard  Auto wrecking yard; Junk yard.
Book  Leave the area.
Bookin'  Going real fast, usually in a car.
Boss  A great or cool thing.  "The Beach Boys new record is really boss".
Bread  Money
Brody  To skid in a half circle with the brakes locked up.
Bummed out  Depressed
Bummer, What a  How depressing
Burn RubberTo accelerate hard spinning the tires, making noise, and billows of smoke come from the rear of the vehicle.
Candyass  A real wimp or an uncool thing.
Cherry  Really cool or bitchin. Example: "That girl with the tight sweater is really choice."
Chick  A girl or a woman.
Chinese Fire Drill  Stop at a Red Light. Everyone on the Driver's side would run around and get in on the Passenger's side. Everyone on the Passenger's side would run around and get in on the Driver's side.
Choice Really cool or bitchin. Example: "That girl with the tight sweater is really choice."
Choose Off  To pick a fight or a race; as in, "John is going to choose-off Bob in a race for pinks". Or, "Ralph chose-off Bertha after school and she kicked his butt."
Chop  To cut down verbally.
Chrome Dome  A bald guy.
Church Key  Before poptops, a Beer or Soda can was opened with one of these.
Cool Nice.
Cool Head  Nice Guy
Cooties  Someone who wasn't cool had them. No one ever saw them, but you knew who had them.
Cop a Feel  Touch a girls "parts", sometimes pretending it was an accident
Crash  Go to bed; go to sleep.
Cruising  Driving up and down the same street looking for races, girls, guys, etc.
Dibs  Most always used with "Got". Example: I "got dibs" on that Coke bottle. Meaning you owned that Coke bottle.
Don't have a Cow  Used when someone was "going ape" or perhaps being a "spaz."
Example: So I took your book by mistake, don't have a cow about it.
Example: So I took your book by mistake, don't have a cow about it.
Don't Sweat It  Don't worry about it; stop bothering me
A Drag Someone or something that's boring or un-enlightening.
Easy  Also a girl who was a sure thing, sexually. Example: That girl Bob took out last night was "Easy".
Fink  A tattle tale. Example: You're such a fink. Why do you always tell mom everything I do?
Five Finger Discount  Anything obtained by theft.
Flake  A useless person.
Flake Off  Get outta here.
Flower Child  A Hippie
Fox  An outstanding looking girl or woman.
Freak Out  Temporary loss of control due to an unpleasant event.
"F**kin' A"  This was simply the vulgar form of, "I concur".
Fuzz  The Police
Get or Lay Rubber  To leave some rubber on the street while accelerating in a vehicle. A term used usually with first, second, third, or fourth gear.
Go All The Way  Have sex with.
Going Steady  If you were "Going Steady", you were dating only one special person.
Gnarly  Originally a difficult or large wave (He wiped out on a gnarly wave),later anything big or difficult
Groovy  Nice, "Cool" or Neat. Used commonly among hippies in the 60's.
Groady (grow'- tee):  A shortened version of grotesque.
Hairy  Large; out of control. Example: "Check out the hairy slicks on that Chevy.
Hangin'  Awesome, Cool
Hangin' a B.A.  A car full of guys pulls up to another car (usually full of girls) and one of the guys pulls down his pants, bends over, and sticks his "bare ass" out the window.
Hang Loose  Relax; Take it easy.
Haulin (Ass)  See Bookin'
Hauls Ass  A car that really moves.
Heat  The Cops
Heavy  Deep, Cool, Chaotic, Sad, Controversial
Hep  With it. A person who understands the situation.
Hip Very good,cool.
Hodad  A non-surfer, usually someone who just hangs around the beach.
Hopped Up  See Souped Up
Hunk  What a girl would call a good looking guy
Jam  To leave the area, (See "Cut Out")
Jazzed  Elated, Excited; "This is going to be a great reunion. I'm really jazzed about going."
Keen or Keen-o  Someone or something that was Cool.
Kipe  To steal.
Kiss up  The proverbial "Teachers Pet". This person who would do anything to please the teacher.
Knocked Up  Pregnant
Later  Goodbye; See you later
Lay A Patch To accelerate leaving a strip or patch of rubber behind on the road.
Make Out  Usually a kissing session in a parked car at a Drive In or other secluded place.
Midnight Auto Supply  Car parts obtained through theft.
Moon  To drop your pants, bend over, and show your bare butt. (See "Hangin a B.A.")
Neat (Neato)  Nice; Sharp
Old Lady  Your Mother.
Old Man  Your Father.
On the Make  Usually after a break up of steadies, a guy or girl who was "on the make" was looking very hard for a new mate.
Also, someone who's looking for another someone, sexually.
Also, someone who's looking for another someone, sexually.
Outta Sight Fantastic, Awesome. Example: Hey Kathleen, that tie dyed top your wearing is "outta sight".
Pad  Someone's house. Example: There wasn't much to do so we all hung out at John's pad, drank Cokes and listened to records
Pants  An activity where usually two or more boys physically remove the pants from another boy so as to cause him embarrassment in a group setting.
Peel Out (See Lay A Patch)
PG  Pregnant as in Nurse Sizer
Pig  Cop
Pig Out  Over eat
Pound  If someone was going to beat up someone else you said he was going to "pound" the other person. For an example, Joe caught Jim with the hubcaps that he stole from Joe's '50 Merc last night. He'll probably pound him after school
Primo  First class.
Raunchy  Raw, Rank, Disgusting
Right On  I agree; I concur
Righteous  Extremely fine, beautiful. For us guys it was generally used when talking about the most important areas of our lives; cars and women.
"John's got a righteous new paint job on his '55 Chevy".
"Ron met this righteous babe down at 26th St.".
Examples:"John's got a righteous new paint job on his '55 Chevy".
"Ron met this righteous babe at A Street.".
Ripped Off  To have something stolen, or to have stolen something
Rule  As in, "Hodads Rule"; To take ownership of
Sano  Usually referring to someones car, or part of ones car, as being pristine: "Ron did a sano job on his 56 Chevy".
also "Super Sano" (Very Pristine)
also "Super Sano" (Very Pristine)
Scarf  To eat very fast. Example:"I'm going to scarf this hot dog".
Scheming  When someone is really interested in the opposite sex. Example: "Jim is really scheming on Jill"
Score  To obtain something valuable or necessary; (Let's go score some pizza.); Also to go all the way with a girl.
Short  Car.
Shotgun  place of honor in the front seat of a car nearest the door. Usually reserved for the coolest guy in the group besides the driver of the car. If there is a doubt, before entering the car someone will call shotgun and then everyone will argue as to who actually will ride shotgun.
Shoot A Beaver  A girl who accidentally flashed by spreading one's thighs while seated wearing a skirt or dress.
Skag  An ugly girl.
Skank  See Skag
Skanky  Gross, Disgusting
Skirt  Girl
Skuzz  Lowdown; undesirable
Skuzz Bucket  An ugly car
Slug Bug  This when you saw a VW beetle on the road. Saying "Slug Bug" before anyone else gave you the right to hit or slug the person next to you
Slut  A promiscuous girl
So Fine Another cool or bitchin' thing. "That girl in my science class is so fine".
Used in a variety of early rock and roll songs usually as follows:
"She's so fine, she makes me want to blow my mind".

So Tuff  See So Fine
Smokem'  "Let's see you burn rubber"
Solid  Something that is ok or all right.
Sosh  Meaning a person who is stuck-up, snooty, and thinks they are better than everyone else.
Spaz  Used as a put down, or to describe someone who was acting retarded.
Split  See Cut Out
Sponge  One big need. Everything you get comes from those around you. AKA; bum. Also practiced by those who are so stingy as not to spend their own money. Someone who is always borrowing money or is always broke. A spongy person
Stacked  Being well endowed, "Upstairs" Example: "Wow, that girl is really stacked!!"
Steady  Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Stoked (as in I'm stoked)  Excited
Stoned  Intoxicated
Stood Up  When a guy (or girl) didn't show up for a date
Stuck Up  Conceited
Stud  See Hunk
Swear to Buddha  I guess we thought it was less irreverant than saying "I swear to God."
Sweat Hog  A fat chick.
Swipe  To steal or take   He swiped my lunch.
Teach  A Teacher
"The Bird"  The Finger.
"The Most"  Something that is the best or the greatest (Superbitchin')
"The Man"  Police
Think Fast  It usually was used to tell you to get ready because someone was tossing you something.
Threads  Clothes
"Three On The Tree"  A car with a three speed manual transmission and the shifter on the steering column.
Tough or Tuff  Neat, cherry, great, bitchin'. - as in "Wow, she's really a tuff chic!"
Trollin'  Cruising the Boulevard looking for girls. As in "Let's go trollin' for some chicks."
Twitchin'  The word used instead of Bitchin', around your parents
Uncorked  Running your car with the "Cut Outs" open.
Wedgees  A shoe style. The sole and heel were one piece and on the same plane.
Wedgie  When someone pulls your underwear up from the back and it ends up in the crack all on it's own. Now they call it a thong and wear them on purpose.
What's Your Bag, Man?  What's your problem; where are you coming from?
Wicked  Term of Admiration. Example:"That Chevy that Bob has is one wicked machine." 
Wiggin' out  Going crazy
Winnie  As in, "He gave me the Winnie." Or "I got the Winnie." It could mean many things. For example: The jerk didn't show up for our date last night! Or, I got grounded for coming in late!
When things really got bad, it was the "Big Winnie."
When things really got bad, it was the "Big Winnie."
Wipe(d) out  Originally, to fall off a wave while surfing, later to crash one's vehicle and severely damage it (He wiped his coupe out at the drags.), then later a term for extreme fatigue (I'm wiped out, I'm gonna crash.)
Wiz, Take a Urinate
Woody  An erection.
Woody Wagon  A wood sided station wagon used to transport surfboards and surfers to and from the beach.
Zits  Pimples.


This space is dedicated to any and all classes of Camarillo High School.  Contact me if you would like your upcoming Reunion posted on this site.


Hello classmates,

Your reunion committee, Joe Rice, Mel McCartney, Heidi Leahy, Sharon Knierim, and John Spohn continue to work on our upcoming reunion.  Once again, the date is Friday, September 20th, Saturday, September 21st, and Sunday, September 22nd. We still have a lot to do so now it's up to you to come back to Camarillo and see your friends.

 I have received numerous emails indicating this will be a large reunion!  Other ACHS classes will be joining us which is very exciting!  In the past, we have gone to El Tecolote as this is where we all went to eat back in the day.  Unfortunately, they don't share the same feeling. Yolanda's in Camarillo has welcomed us with open arms and will have the entire restaurant for us.  This is a great informal way to kick off our 50th reunion!

I have completed our 50th reunion registration form.  Please use this email as a reference for filling out our registration form. It's very easy to use and straight forward.  Red Asterisk's means your answer is required.  Even if you aren't coming we would appreciate you filling out the form.  This way we know for sure you got the invitation and we have your current contact info. 

We are accepting PayPal payments for Yolanda's and Las Posas Country Club.  All of your payments will automatically be recorded in our spreadsheet. 

If you don't have a PayPal account it only takes about 3 minutes to get one.  The money will be sent from your checking account to Joe Rice.  If you have any difficulties then have a friend help you as this is very easy.  Please do this "before" filling out your registration form.
  1. Visit the PayPal website https://www.paypal.com/us/home .
  2. Click "Sign Up for Free" or tap "Sign Up". ...
  3. Enter your email address and create a password. ...
  4. Fill out the form with your personal information
  5. Enter your bank account information

If you don't want to open a PayPal account then you can send Joe Rice your check.  On your check,  state what event(s) it's for.  You still MUST fill out the form which is located below as this is how we will print your name badges etc. You will just skip the payments since you are paying by check. Joe's contact info is as follows.
Joe Rice
4266 Blackberry Lane
Somis, CA. 93066

All of our times, dates and events are listed on the form for our Class of 69 50th Reunion. 

Important, you will notice on the form under Yolanda's Payment,  Las Posas Country Club payment, and above the Submit button there are lines which say, "Your Answer".  This is automatically put into the Google Forms which I have no control over.  Please disregard this portion of our form.

Here is the link to our ACHS 50th Reunion Registration & Payment Form.

Please forward this email to our classmates and your friends as I have lost contact with many of them. This way no one will miss our big 50th reunion!


John Spohn & your reunion committee

I'm still looking for missing classmates. 
I had some contact info on some of them yet they changed their email address. If you have any info on our following classmates then let me know.



         ACHS CLASS OF 1978 40th REUNION
Main event is Saturday, September 29th 6pm -11pm.  Tickets and more info on the link below. For more info contact Veronica at ACHS78reunion@gmail.com.      https://www.eventbrite.com/e/camarillo-high-school-class-of-78-40threunion-tickets-44557065382

ACHS Class of 1970 Website

Click Here           

ACHS Class of 1971 Website

   Click Here

ACHS Class of 1971 40th Reunion Video

Click Here 


I wanted to share this great piece which Joe Rice wrote for reunions.  It is very well written and applies to ALL class reunions!  So next time you are thinking about attending a reunion then read this.

I am amazed at the reluctance some people had about coming to our Camarillo High School class reunion.  And yet, everyone who did go said it was the best experience they had had in years.  I thought I would take a shot at listing the top ten reasons why not to come, that I learned from calling people from our Class of 1969.

1.        I wasn’t popular and didn’t have that many friends.  Guess what, nobody is popular anymore.  If you come, you will leave with at least 30 new friends for life.
2.        I didn’t hang out with people from my class   There will be a lot of people there from other classes.  It’s surprising how many.
3.        It costs too much.  Most of the events that are planned don’t cost anything.  And you have to eat somewhere don’t you?  Why not spend a meal with someone who flew 2000 miles to see you?
4.        I don’t look the same, so nobody will recognize me.  The truth is, none of us look the same.  We had to have name tags with our pictures on them.  You will too.  You should have seen people’s faces when they recognized each other.  That’s half the fun.
5.        I’d have to travel and it’s a long way there.  You already have several classmates that are traveling thousands of miles to come.  If you live within driving range you really need to make the sacrifice.    
6.        I’m not very social.  The best parts of these events are the one-on-one conversations you have with people you rarely talked to in high school.  You’ll be amazed about how much you share in common, like your parent’s health, your kids, your grandkids, and the many life changes you’ve experienced.
7.        I’m going to be busy.  Oh, come on.  You’ve only known about this for forty years!
8.        I’ve had a hard life and everybody else has had it way better.  Trust me; life has taken its toll on everyone.  You will hear some amazing stories of survival and gratefulness for life.
9.        I don’t have a date. When you get there and start talking to everyone, you’ll wish you didn’t have one anyway.
10.        I was really cool in high school, but now I’m just an overweight grandparent.   Ha. Ha. Now you know how the rest of us felt in High School.

Seriously, this is a wonderful opportunity to renew some valuable friendships and give the gift of support and love to your classmates who are working their tales off to put together a great weekend for you.  I know there is something planned for everyone, so please make an effort to attend as many of the weekend events as you can.  We had nearly 200 from our class come.  I promise you, if you go, you will be blessed.

 Best regards,
 Joe Rice

Do you remember the name of the housing tract that you lived in?  Here is a master list of tract homes in Camarillo.  Click HERE


YouTube Video


              Growing Up In Camarillo          

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  Camarillo had many elementary schools.  There were the Heights, Somis, Las Posas, Saint Mary Magdalen, & Pleasant Valley School.  .When I first arrived at PV school in1960 it went through 8th grade. That all changed in 1963 they built our first Middle School in the Pleasant Valley School District, Los Altos Jr. High School.

PLEASANT VALLEY SCHOOL: In 1945, the Board purchased four acres from rancher John Arneill. This land was adjacent to the existing school. The cost was $4,000, and construction began in 1947 under the direction of trustees Adolfo Camarillo, Clint Hutchins, and Robert Pearson. With the added space in 1948, the District hired its first full-time physical education director and coach at Pleasant Valley School, Charles Jones, who later became superintendent of Somis School District.

CAMARILLO HEIGHTS SCHOOL:  Camarillo Heights was built in 1957 in the hills overlooking Camarillo. Vera Sommers was the first principal from 1956-1964. Richard Mahlke was the principal from 1964-1976..


  The Las Posas Elementary School was built to accommodate the students enrolled in the Pleasant Valley School District who resided in the Capehart housing for the former Oxnard Air Force Base (Camarillo Airport).  It was built on approximately ten acres of land that was purchased from Miss Nellie Daily. She lived in a home approximately where the Marie Callendar's Restaurant is now located.  It was paid for with federal funds. Capehart Military housing was a source for many of these students. The name was changed to Catalina Heights several years ago. As of June 2008 the entire 315 Capehart housing units were torn down to the ground. They will build all new units.

The school was opened in the fall of 1959 with eight classrooms and a library. There were two first grades and one class each of grades 2 through 6.  In the spring of 1960, the kindergarten rooms were ready for two classes, one a.m and one p.m.You may remember they had a real jet aircraft on the school grounds for many years.

 Mr. Joe Kelly was the first principal, serving 1959-1961. He was followed by Mrs. Lucy Vest, 1961-1967 and Mr. Fran Fuchs, 1967-1976.

SAINT MARY MAGDALEN SCHOOL:  Was opened in 1954 and has undergone numerous renovations.

I recall a conversation at our 36th reunion.  A group of us were talking when David Morris told us a story. To set this up I would have to mention John DiVito was in the group listening to Dave's story.  It was when David started going to Saint Mary Magdalen.  From what I recall David said something had happened between himself and a Nun.  David was so frightened from his experience that he ran away from school and went home.  He never went back after his life-changing experience with the Nun.  What was very funny about this conversation is John DiVito was there during Dave's encounter.  John thought Dave quit school and just had big kahunas. We all had a big laugh when the truth came out.

MESA UNION SCHOOL: The current site of Mesa Union was built in 1939 and had three teachers and 68 students its first year. Present enrollment is about 560 students and 26 teachers. Mesa Union School District enrolls students in Kindergarten through 8th grades. It is located in the beautiful Las Posas Valley, in Somis, California (Ventura County). Our neighbor cities include Camarillo, Saticoy, and Oxnard.

EL RANCHO SCHOOL:  El Rancho School was built in 1961 and is located at 550 Temple Ave.

SOMIS SCHOOL: Somis is a K-8 District, serving the community since 1895.  The single school campus moved to its present location in 1924.  The school serves students in Kindergarten through grade eight in a classroom-based educational program and an enriched homeschool/independent study program. The school also hosts a "Head Start" program on campus. Average enrollment is about 460 students. The School campus houses the District offices, including Transportation Food Services and Personnel.

Santa Rosa School was added to the Pleasant Valley School District in 1975 as it was acquired from the Conejo School District. It was first opened in 1911 on the Eastern end of Santa Rosa Valley.

LOS ALTOS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL:   Los Altos was constructed in 1962 with the final B wing completed in 1964.  The first class was held in 1963. The name "Los Altos" means "The height's or high place". This "high place" was near as a small hill which was bulldozed a couple of years after the opening of the school.   This was our first experience of having a "Home Room". Mrs. Mater and Mrs. Dodson who helped us during our lunch time.  Don Cloud was our principal as he had come over from Pleasant Valley School.

The school had a lemon orchard to it's left and Blue Lace Manor behind the school where many of our classmates lived.  I will never forget when I was in Mr. Ventura's class as the announcement came over our classroom speaker.  John F. Kennedy our president had been shot.  It was such a shocker and a changing moment in our lives. I remember in 1962 when my Mother took my brother and me to Point Mugu as John F. Kennedy had flown in. He walked along a wall of onlookers.  I was standing on a barricade and actually shook his hand. What an awesome memory.

We were known as the "Trojans".and if my memory serves me right Joe Rice drew our first Trojan symbol. This is where many of our first Junior High crushes developed. We had our Jr. High dances at Pleasant Valley School.  I remember many of us guys setting up the chairs for the dance.  We would "set the chairs". This meant we took the folded up chair, turned it to the backside and put our knee into the seat.  This would make the seat part bubble up so when a girl sat down it popped back into place which created a noise and an awkward look on her face. Our 8th-grade party was held at the Roller Gardens at Wagon Wheel in Oxnard.  I remember we had races around the track but don't recall who won.  We had our 8th-grade dance at the Height's School.  I recall Hoy Hoy Martinez singing Wolly Bully as we all danced.

Sadly in 2007 Los Altos was closed down.  They held a ceremony and open house for all past and present students as a send off to Los Altos.  Some of our classmates met at El Tecolote for dinner and then went over to the open house for Los Altos.  Los Altos was packed and we ran into many former classmates who didn't join us for dinner.  I had the opportunity to speak to the outgoing Principal, Sue Eastman.  Sue was having a conversation with a teacher who was still teaching when we went to school in 1965. It was great speaking with them.   I am sorry as I don't recall her name. We walked around the school visiting our old classrooms and talking about our first days in Los Altos.

KIHI POOL:  Many of us would enjoy going to Kihi Pool in Somis.  What a great time to spend the summer swimming and enjoying each others company. All of the girls looked great in their bathing suits. As you entered Kihi Pool there were lockers on each side of the entrance.  I remember the overnight outings at Kihi Pool. Many of us took our sleeping bags or slept on cots. I tried to find some history as to when Kihi was built and why it ended up in Somis to no avail. 

Classmates Contact Info:  We continue to update our classmates spreadsheet.  If you have any info on missing classmates or their contact info then please email John Spohn at spohnj@aol.com


Walter Cronkite announces death of JFK


YouTube Video


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